Love it. "Over time, there will be a transfer of resources across the enterprise associated with the continued evolution of the role."

That's a critical action to take for social and environmental sustainability: Adjust the flow of resources/money.

Brian, thank you. Your article puts into so many eloquent words exactly…

Unsheathed for the first time, the theme center of the 1939 World’s Fair stood erect above a former ash heap of New York’s coal waste. The World of Tomorrow! The Fair hit all the high kicks of Democracy and set the post-war playbook we inherited from America’s fossil-fueled corporations and industrial business systems focused only on financial growth. (AP Photo)

It’s time to include at least one sustainability metric in quarterly sales reports.

Today’s database administrators and sustainable business leaders have a tremendous opportunity to become the change you wish to see. Bring a new metric of success into your CRM by weaving sales and social benefit together. …

Over the past couple weeks I received a lot of feedback. Things like: “You’re talking about systemic change!” “You built this?” “Whoa.” “We’re interested in stakeholder capitalism too!” Internal Salesforce staff responded: “Genius.” “I love its simplicity.” “You’ve covered all the objections.” “Totally on brand.”

These comments were made while…


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